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A Guide On What To Do When You Have Nothing to Hold On To.

By Swati Joshi.

Take a pillow and hold it firmly. Dig your face into it and scream. Hold on to the pillow in your arms.|| If your body shivers or you feel choked to your gut on emotions. Step into the kitchen. Open the refrigerator. Take an ice cube and chew on it. Hold on to the ice cube between your teeth.|| If you are in the streets, find a park and sit down on the grass. Use your fingers to clench the grass. Hold on to the grass between your fingers.|| When you’re in a classroom, tear a page from your notebook and crush it into a ball. Hold on to the paper in your palm.|| If you’re isolated in an empty room, take your hands and criss-cross around your chest and hold your shoulder with your palms. Hold on to your shoulders held by your limbs.||Finally, when you are tired and find yourself running out of these things to try holding onto, lose your grip and lay on the bare ground, close your eyes and tell yourself, “I don’t need to hold on to anything, I am enough. I am enough. I am, infact, enough. “

I am a psychology student as well as a freelance content/copy writer.
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