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As far as I remember, I have always been in awe of authors. Imagine having a whole book under your name read by millions of people. How fascinating! But when I was young, publishing your book seemed almost next to impossible. Something made me believe that only “prominent” people were supposed to write books. Who would buy my book anyway? Why would anybody be interested in my story?

Trust me, been there. I know exactly how you feel. But knowing that your voice is as important as any other famous personality is extremely essential. People are interested in what you have to say. I know what it feels like to have a dream seeming almost unattainable. 

But hey there, I got you! In this article, we will demystify the working of the publishing industry and help you step on foot forward towards your dream of becoming an author.

So let’s start from the basics. 

Step 1: Start writing your book.

This step goes without saying. If you want to become an author, you need to write a book. And to write a book, you need to find your voice. One of the best parts about writing is that you can be absolutely anything. You do not have to seem to be an epitome of an ideal person. You can be optimistic or pessimistic, smart or dumb, angry or sad. You do you. Remember, your writing does not have to be perfect. Learn on the go.

Step 2: Proofread and edit your book.

Let us talk about the real deal. Before you give your book to the publishers and the literary agents, you wouldn’t want to annoy them by drowning them in an ocean of grammatical mistakes and errors. Honestly, few mistakes here and there are very okay but too many of them might slightly be a problem. So make sure you proofread your manuscript before sending them over.

Step 3: Find yourself an agent.

It might seem to be unnecessary to hire an agent for your book but it can be very useful. If you do not want your manuscripts to be another one in the mountain of the slush pile kept in one corner of the publishing houses, hire a literary agent. Book agents have important connections in the publishing industry which will help your book reach the right hands. Finding the right agent for your book is also important. So try finding someone who is experienced and genuinely interested in your genre.

Step 4: Submit your book proposal.

Agents do not have a lot of time to read your entire novel so a book proposal helps. Giving a brief introduction about the book, around 2 pages of synopsis, and an author would make up a good book proposal.

You can refer to this website to know How To Write A Book Proposal.

So that is all. Now you wait for the response from the publishing houses. It can take months for them to respond and release your book but the wait is worth it.

Publishing your book opens the door to so great opportunities. So if you think if you have it in you to write a book, go for it mate. It’s time you stop scrolling through Instagram and start structuring your first book. Cheers!]

I am a psychology student as well as a freelance content/copy writer.
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