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Your Guide to Allentown on the Weekends

As the third largest city in Pennsylvania, Allentown is filled with a plethora of activities for all ages. Regardless of age or time of year, everyone can find something to do in Allentown! Here are some of the coolest things to do in one of Pennsylvania’s largest cities:

Allentown Fairgrounds Farmers Market

As one of Allentown’s most popular attractions, the Allentown Farmers Market hosts a variety of food vendors, from meats to baked goods, to fruits and vegetables. Whether you prefer sweet or savory foods, there is something for everyone at the farmer’s market! It’s only open on the weekends, so it’s a perfect place to go with friends.

Dorney Park

As one of the most prominent amusement parks in the United States, Dorney Park is one of Allentown’s biggest attractions. The park features “seven roller coasters, other adult and children’s rides, and a waterpark.”

Allentown Art Museum

Founded in 1934, the Allentown Art Museum hosts over 13,000 works of European and American arts. For those who love looking at art, you won’t want to miss this museum.

Liberty Bell Museum

Located on Hamilton Street in the heart of Allentown, the Liberty Bell Museum resides. The museum is based in the church where the Liberty Bell was hidden during the Revolutionary War. If you’re an American History buff, this museum is worth checking out.

Great Allentown Fair

Located at the Allentown Fairgrounds and one of the oldest state fairs in the United States, the Allentown State Fair occurs annually around late-August through early September. Some of its attractions include a carnival, concerts, petting zoos, and the well-known farmers market. Some of last year’s concert performances included Niall Horan and Sugarland.

Allentown Rose Gardens

If you’re looking for a nice place to take a stroll, the Allentown Rose Gardens is the perfect spot. The park includes rose gardens and paved walking paths. Whether you’re going for a run or want a new spot to do homework, Allentown Rose Gardens is a beautiful spot in Allentown for all types of activities.

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