Young Girl Scout Goes Viral With Remix of Cardi B's "Money"

“Been in this game since 2014, selling them cookies is my thing,” Kiki raps in her video. “Buy Thin Mints or even S'mores. Please open up when I knock on your door. Woo!”

Growing up as Girl Scout, one of the most important parts of the year was cookie season. We always planned strategies for having successful cookie booths and having the most personal sales. One of the things we were always told was to be creative. Our leader and other Girl Scouts wanted us to go against the norm to increase cookie sales.

Kayla “Kiki” Paschall of Girl Scouts of California did exactly that. Kiki created a remix of Cardi B’s “Money” to help sell cookies in order to reach her sales goal. The video landed on the Girl Scout Twitter account and has twenty-seven thousand retweets and ninety-one thousand likes. One of those retweets was from Cardi B herself with the caption, “I want all the cookieshh.” According to Insider, Kiki has sold over 1,000 boxes of cookies! She has fulfilled her sale goal and then some, and has garnered attention nationwide.

The video of Kiki rapping was shot in a room filled to the roof with cookies, making the line“I got girls in my troop, cookies to my roof. Money!” very fitting.

The cookie game is definitely changing and Girl Scouts around the world are getting more original with their sale strategies every year. Juliette Gordon Low would be proud.

View the full music video here: