You Need to Watch “One Day at a Time”



I’m a huge fan of Netflix Originals. If you asked me what my favorite TV shows (and movies, for that matter) are, a good deal of them would be Netflix Originals. They just keep killing the game with binge-worthy series that capture your attention and keep your eyes glued to the screen. Netflix has stated time and time again that they are committed to telling stories that are often not heard in mainstream American media, and in my eyes, they are truly living up to that statement. One show that has really captured my attention lately is One Day at a Time, a fresh take on a classic 1970's sitcom. Whereas the original focuses on a divorced mother of two daughters living in Indianapolis, the updated version shows us the daily lives of Penelope, a veteran descendant of Cuban immigrants, and her family. This modern take has many of the same elements of the original: the struggles of a single mother, kids who are struggling to find a place in this world, and a goofy landlord named Schneider who doesn’t quite understand the meaning of boundaries. While keeping these elements true to the original, the new version also handles more issues relevant to our modern world.

First of all, One Day at a Time is not only led by a latina woman (which is huge), but also has eight female writers and six female directors on staff. In case you were wondering, that is virtually unheard of in white male-dominated Hollywood. In addition, most of the main cast is latinx (again, totally unheard of and totally a huge deal). There aren’t many shows out there that can boast that, so many mainstream TV shows are male written, directed, and show little to no diversity among the main cast. It is high time that mainstream media be a reflection of the vast diversity of our world today, and shows like ODAT are definitely a big step in the right direction. As far as show content itself, the remake does a marvelous job at not only showing universal American family struggles, but also the unique struggles of Cuban and immigrant families. The show tackles all sorts of problems facing our country today, such as mental health stigma, queer issues, racism, and sexism. Like any sitcom, the characters face these issues head on, and though things may be difficult, they always come out on the other side stronger and cracking a joke or two. Believe me, the jokes in this show are hilarious, and Rita Moreno’s performance alone will have you in stitches. In short, there are so many great reasons to watch this show.

While ODAT’s success has been undeniable (every single season has been certified fresh), Netflix says the show needs more views in order to be renewed for a fourth season. This show means so much to a lot of people, and is exactly the sort of real, feel-good family show that we need in this day and age. So if you’re looking for your next binge, look no further, because One Day at a Time is everything you’re looking for and more.