You Don't Need a Significant Other to be Happy

As young adults in college, it’s no secret that there are tons of relationships either forming or already flourishing from high school. College is a time of exploration and having fun. Even so, many people find their significant other during their four years. Especially when a lot of your friends might be in committed relationships, you might feel jealous or like you need to find someone. But, here’s the thing: your friends might be happy with their significant other but that does NOT mean that you are ready for a relationship or that you will have the same experience. 

It’s hard to not compare ourselves to other people. However, when you start looking at other people’s relationships with their partner and try to seek out the exact same thing, there is a good chance that you will be left feeling unhappy and disappointed. Every relationship is different just like every person is different. Remember, instead of trying to find that special person, focus on what matters most: your schoolwork, clubs, health, and friends. The significant other will come. You just have to be patient.

And if you don’t find your significant other in college, so what? Your college experience is not defined by the amount of romantic relationships you’re involved in. Also, your happiness should not be influenced by another person. I’ve realized that, instead of trying to find a significant other, it is better to focus on strengthening the relationships you already have with your friends and family. If you’re meant to be in a relationship with someone, it will happen. Most of the couples I know were not looking to be in a just happens. 

So hang tight and remember: good things come to those who wait.