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This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at Muhlenberg chapter.

Instagram is one of the largest social media platforms in the digital world. It’s no wonder men and women utilize this site as their first step to fame. Many users attempt to do this, but don’t make it for a variety of reasons. Most don’t know some simple steps to take to make their Instagram pages follow-worthy. 

Choose a theme for your content, and a catchy name to go with it.

A lot of people on Instagram simply post pictures that display moments in their life; this most likely will not result in a large influx of followers. Instead, choose a theme. Nowadays, some of the most popular are lifestyle, health/fitness, travel, beauty/cosmetics, and art. After you select a theme, create a username that embodies the theme and is easy to remember. You can try to incorporate your name, personality, or other special words that will stick in people’s minds. Try to keep symbols such as (_) and (*) to a minimum.

Have a nice profile photo.

Profile pictures are oftentimes the first things people see when they follow someone’s Instagram account. If possible, make a creative photo of yourself. This will help people remember the username even more, and put a face to the account they are following. If you feel uncomfortable doing this, you can instead opt for a creative photo that follows the theme.

Get to know photo editing apps like VSCO.

VSCO and FaceTune are two staple apps for the Instagram famous. VSCO is a free app that provides a wide selection of filters. If you choose to use this app on your page, try to stick with one or two similar filters, so that your Instagram page has a clean layout. FaceTune, unfortunately, is not free, but is amazing for editing pictures of people. You may want to invest your money in this Photoshop-like app if you choose to create a fashion or beauty Instagram account.

Tag companies/Add hashtags.

This may seem silly, but again, most fashion, beauty, health, or lifestyle Instagram accounts tag well-known companies. For example, if one Instagram user decided to start a beauty account and, for one certain picture, she used only L’Oreal cosmetics, she might tag the L’Oreal Instagram account. This creates an increase in followers from L’Oreal’s page-they will see the picture that L’Oreal is tagged in and follow the account that posted it. Hashtags are also very important. The search section on Instagram is mostly based on hashtags, and people who search certain keywords are likely to find accounts that they want to follow through this directory. Try to use hashtags that are trending on Instagram so that more people will discover you.

Most people think they have what it takes to become Instagram famous, but little put in the work to actually gain followers. Following these four simple steps will set you on your way to fame!



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