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Women’s Health: Getting Your Greens

Hey y’all! It’s me, Sabs, here and I’m really excited to be talking about leafy greens this week! Let’s all try and get our greens in and do it like Chris Traeger #literally

I’m talking kale specifically, but let’s not forget the absolutely gorgeous spinach, Swiss chard or romaine!

Berg has an amazing dining hall, for dining hall food #letsbereal, because they not only offer a full salad bar, but they have different lettuce options! Kale is not cheap, and not only does our very own CR offer kale, but it’s literally organic and locally grown.

Some might say that organic doesn’t really matter or make a difference, but to the contrary, organic food is better for the body because it is not affected by pesticides that farms use to prevent the veggies, or fruit, or what have you from going bad and spoiling too quickly. It’s also used to keep bugs/animals away from eating the crop.

That’s not to say that you need to only be eating organic because no we’re in college and can’t afford that shit. BUT it is very nice that Berg offers organically grown kale. Yay.

Now you might be thinking, why kale? For those that find kale to be extremely bitter, gross, or not delicious, try adding it to foods that you already know you love! The benefits of this dark and leafy green food is really imperative to our bodies overall health and ability of our systems to work well together. 

What’s kale good for:

  • Fiber, fiber, fiber! Y’all, in my last article I briefly mentioned what you want your urine to look like. Well now I’m going to bluntly say—we all need fiber in our diet so we can poop, and poop healthfully. #literally everyone poops. So eat kale because it has so much fiber!
  • Protein. Yup. Kale has protein.
  • Calcium! That’s right, folks—kale has tons and tons of calcium! And for you vegans out there, it’s great because it can be a main source ☺
  • Omega-3’s!!! You know that stuff people say is in fish and that’s why you should eat fish? Well, if you don’t want to eat fish eat kale. It has omega-3’s too. #yup #doit
  • Antioxidants! Hell yeah, by eating kale we can say sayonara to inflammation 
  • Vitamins & Minerals will #literally save your life from eating them from naturals foods like kale and other leafy greens. You won’t need to take supplements if you implement more greens in your diets. I also need to take my own advice.

Use your best friend, Google, and search more info on kale, you won’t regret it! In the meantime, if you’re wondering how you can get into kale if you previously weren’t a fan, try making some kale chips! Super easy and super delicious.

Kale chips:

  • Bunch of kale
  • Olive Oil
  • Salt
  • Pepper
  • Other spices you might like (Paprika!)
  • Preheat your oven to 350ºF. Use your hands and rip kale pieces off of its stem and toss into a mixing bowl. Drizzle some EVOO over it. Throw on your salt and pepper etc. Bake for about 10 minutes or until crisp to your own perfection. BON APPETITE

I hope you enjoyed my rant on kale this week, and I hope it may have changed your mind about this awesome vegetable! Enjoy your kale chips and health with me next week—I’ll be talking about grains! That’s right folks, fiber will be back.

HELLO! My name is Sabrina and I'm a Muhlenberg senior theatre major with a concentration in acting, so I love to play! Health is something that I'm super interested in, and I want to get other people interested in it as well. In case you want to know more about my health process, I have a personal blog where you learn more about me and how I deal with it while at school and back home...basically all of the time we are all #healthing. Check me our here: https://sweetbowlofkale.wordpress.com and on HerCampus so we can all be happy and healthy together :)
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