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Women’s Health: Dealing With Your Period

Does your period drag you down? Or are your cramps so awful it ruins everything else in your life? Do you bloat so badly your pants dig into your gut? Does having your period bring down your mood? Pangry? Totally just made that word up. Period + angry = pangry 


It’s okay because there are ways to help with all of these things. It sucks to have aunt flow pay a visit each month, but just try to remember, it’s not the end of the world. 

To help alleviate period pain:

1   HAVE SEX (if you feel comfortable with that), or just pleasure yourself. No shame and it literally works!

2   USE A HEATING PAD on your stomach or on your back. The warmth will be extremely comfy & cozy.

3   TAKE A WARM BATH or SHOWER because just like the heating pad, the warmth will make you feel better!

4   DRINK CHAMOMILE TEA! I recently read that chamomile has an amino acid called glycine that shuts down muscle spasms, like the uterus during your period.

5   EAT FOOD WITH POTASSIUM, MAGNESIUM & IRON because during your period you might be low. Try eating bananas, leafy greens, fish, beans, avocados, nuts, dark chocolate, and meat.

6   USE MIDOL or Advil or whatever pills you have that’s a good painkiller. I have heard different opinions on MIDOL, so be careful.

7   STEER CLEAR OF CAFFEINE! I’ve read many articles that talk about caffeine making the pain worse, so try to avoid that really delicious.  

To help alleviate major bloat:

1   DRINK lots of water (with lemon)!!! This will directly help period bloating (or any kind of bloating for that matter) and if you have less bloat then you may have fewer cramps! Yay!

2   EXERCISE! Obviously, exercise is always good for you, but it’ll come in handy during those few days when you feel gross and bloated. It’ll release endorphins and make you feel really good and burn the calories you may have had in that extra chocolate bar. #necessary


To help stay calm and mindful:

1   YOGA can be essential in staying mindful during your period when all you wanna do is eat, sleep, and… Its calming and zen effects will help release the mind into openness as well as get your body moving while also loosening those tight muscles.

2   SLEEP. It’s okay. We all need it. #powernaps 

3   EAT THE FOOD YOU CRAVE because sometimes it’s okay to indulge, and when you have your period, it can be necessary.

4   SKIP THAT CLASS – literally if you can afford to miss an extra class or two, just skip it. Don’t overthink it. Use your absences well. If you’re in too much pain and too bloated, why not take a “me” day. I do it all the time. #doit

5   HAVE A FRIEND MAKE YOU A PERIOD MIX just like Aston Kutcher did for Natalie Portman in “No Strings Attached” #realvibes #musicalvibes

6   LAY OUT IN THE SUN AND SOAK IT UP because there’s nothing better than chillaxing outside on the lawn with good friends while you close your eyes and just be. Or eat some chocolate. Don’t let it melt. #true


Hope this is helpful, or at least a good reminder! Health with me next week because I’ll be talking about what foods are great prep for a night out! 

HELLO! My name is Sabrina and I'm a Muhlenberg senior theatre major with a concentration in acting, so I love to play! Health is something that I'm super interested in, and I want to get other people interested in it as well. In case you want to know more about my health process, I have a personal blog where you learn more about me and how I deal with it while at school and back home...basically all of the time we are all #healthing. Check me our here: https://sweetbowlofkale.wordpress.com and on HerCampus so we can all be happy and healthy together :)
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