When Will it End? Thoughts Following the Recent Texas A&M Shooting

There was a shooting in a Texas A&M Residential dorm this past Monday. Two were killed, one injured in what has been reported to be a separate incident, not intended to be a “mass” shooting. But yet, it concerns me. 


Around 28 mass shootings have occured already in 2020 alone. In 2019, 417 shootings plagued our nation. This is unacceptable. Our culture and worldwide reputation has been one that is dominated by fear. People fear coming to America and of Americans visiting other nations because of how it seems nothing has changed in violent culture that has allowed these shootings to happen.


Texas is stereotypically known for their wide acceptance of guns and the freedom to possess and carry guns. Specifically, Texas is a “shall issue” state, meaning that the state regulates the ownership of a gun, but not the possession. This is not okay. 


Our country is not doing enough to end this gun violence epidemic that is forcing our citizens to live in a state of fear. Everyone thinks it can’t happen to them, but yet everyone is beyond paranoid. How is it that then people choose to live complacently? 


The tricky issue I believe is that individual states have the autonomy to create their own gun legislation. Quite typically, as well, are the more southern states known for being much more lax with their gun laws. About 16 of these shootings have taken place in southern states. Doesn’t something seem off, here? No one is saying that all guns should be removed from their owners’ homes and stored away, but gun reformers are asking for legislation to make our nation safer. 


Though this particular incident was a smaller, separate incident not intending to “shoot up” the school, it makes me think. It saddens me that people are turning an eye to the millions of deaths that occur because they fear their guns will be taken from them. 


But all I ask - when will this end?