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Grab your Mickey Mouse ears and pop some popcorn, because Disney+ has arrived. The highly anticipated Disney oriented streaming service is officially here. Thousands of people around the country are watching their childhood favorites and taking a look at some of the new programming available. The site features Disney, Pixar, Marvel, Star Wars, and National Geographic sections. In the Disney section, you can find all of the animated classics, live action remakes, your favorite Disney Channel Series, classic Mickey Mouse movies, Disney Channel Originals Movies, Disney Junior programs, and other Disney films. The Pixar section has all of your favorite Pixar films from A Bug’s Life to Monsters Ink and so much more.  If you’ve been wanting to rewatch animated Marvel shows the Marvel section features many of them along with all of your favorite films, including Infinity War and Endgame. If you have been wanting to watch these two films back-to-back, Disney+ has provided the opportunity. An example of the Star Wars content available is the new show The Mandalorian. This is a Disney+ original, and the internet has fallen in love with the new character, “Baby Yoda.” You can also watch all of the Star Wars films and other series. 

However, everyone’s experience with Disney+ have not been magical. According to an article from The Washington Post, the servers crashed early on the first day of service’s release. Disney reported that this crash was due to the high demand to access the service on the first day. The Post also reported that thousands of users have been reporting online that their accounts have been hacked. Disney contacted The Post, commenting that they take the security and privacy of their users’ data seriously and that there is no evidence of a Disney+ security breach. According to the BBC, this implies that the information was retrieved in other ways, such as login information being reused that was previously stolen. The hacked accounts are being sold online for as little as $3. According to The Post, an issue like this is not unique to Disney+ and similar issues have been faced by Amazon Prime, Hulu, and Netflix. Many have noted how Disney+ does not have two-factor authentication or other clear security measures in place. 

With winter fast approaching, this is the perfect time to plan a marathon of your childhood favorites or check out something new. The National Geographic section has a multitude of programming for fans of shows like Planet Earth. After visiting Disney+’s page you will see that Disney has created the ultimate haven for Disney programming, proving that corralling everything together was a great move. The streaming service features a category called “Out of the Vault,” which has all the classic films, much similar to my personal collection of all of my favorite Disney films on VHS. Disney+ brings that practice into 2019 along with the nostalgia. There is something for everyone from children to adults, and the child in the hearts of all of us.

Gabriella Petrone

Muhlenberg '21

Hello I'm Gabriella Petrone! I'm currently a senior at Muhlenberg College studying as an english major and political science minor. I'm from Fairfield, Connecticut. I'm very excited to be a writer for Her Campus Muhlenberg! I love everything about the fall from fallen leaves to jean jackets. I also love a good story so I am an avid TV and movie fan. One of my favorite activities is curling up with a good book and a hot mug of tea. I'm looking forward to the upcoming year.
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