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This Week on the Field: NFL Week 5 Recap

This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at Muhlenberg chapter.

The Kansas City Chiefs are still number one in the league after their fifth consecutive win against the Texans Sunday night. The team excels to 5-0 with a 42-34 win. At close second, the Green Bay Packers are once again ranked 2 in the power rankings made by ESPN for week 6.

After the thrilling win over the Dallas Cowboys, Aaron Rodgers, leads the packers to 4-1 with a 35-31 win.

The Philadelphia Eagles jumped from 8th to 4th this week after their third consecutive win this Sunday against the Cardinals. While Wentz really soared this game throwing four touchdowns passes, they captured a 34-7 victory over Arizona. The Patriots also jumped from 7th to 5th this week after a 19-14 win over the Buccaneers.

Cam Newton, led the Panthers to their fourth win of the season against the Lions in a close 27-24 game. Throwing for 355 yards and 3 touchdown passes, Newton didn’t travel all the way to Detroit for a loss.

The Seahawks dropped to 8ththis week, although they held the Rams to ten points this game, who have scored at least 20 points in every game thus far this season.

The Pittsburgh Steelers dropped from 5th to 10th this week after Roethlisberger threw five interceptions to fail against the Jaguars 30-9.

 With Derek Carr out, the Ravens capture a win against the Raiders, 30-17.

A.J. Green had a day to help lead the Bengals to a 20-16 win over the Bills. He received 7 passes for 189 yards with one touchdown.

Monday night the Vikings, overcame the loss of their starting quarterback (Sam Bradford) replacing him with Case Keenum who led the team with 3 scoring drives with a total of 17 completions for 140 yards and one touchdown. The final score against the Bears was close ending in a 20-17 victory. With a fourth quarter touchdown pass to secure the win, Jay Cutler proves why he should be on this field with everyone else. He captured a 16-10 victory over the Titans.

The New York Jets seized their third win of the season against the winless Browns Sunday. Similarly, the Colts and Los Angeles Charges also defeat winless teams team this past Sunday.

The Colts were up against the 49ers, who captured the win with a 51-yard field goal in the last two minutes of the game.

The Chargers traveled to MetLife Stadium beating the Giants, 27-22.


Tips for Fantasy Owners

With numerous major injuries in the past two weeks, fantasy owners need to make sure they’re playing their cards right in the light of the absence of key quarterbacks, receivers, running backs, lineman, etc.

With several 1st string quarterbacks questionable in week six, it is vital for owners to focus on the running backs of these teams. They’ll have many more opportunities to start running the ball up the field rather than the team banking on the QBs passing abilities.

With the Giants losing four wide receivers, you should look into picking up their backup receiver Roger Lewis, who will potentially have his first career start Sunday against the Broncos. Although this is a risk, since he has only 15 career catches, he may be one of their only “experienced” receivers appearing this weekend.

With Andrew Luck out once again, owners should look to play Frank Gore, or even pick up the Colts backup running back, Marlon Mack who came to play against the 49ers with 10 attempts for 93 yards as well as scoring a touchdown. Another player many should look into focusing on is Marshawn Lynch. With Derek Carr out for the next few weeks, the Raiders are going to need to step up their offensive game and there next biggest threat is running back Lynch. Going against a weaker Chargers defense, Lynch can capitalize on this and gain points for owners. Owners need to start picking up replacements for their fallen players in order to keep their points up to their fullest potential in week 6.


I’m Jordy Bonvini; I am a senior, graduating with degrees in Business Administration with a concentration in Marketing and Media and Communications. I love watching and playing sports.  I play on the Muhlenberg women’s lacrosse team and when I’m not on the field you can most likely find me eating pizza. 
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