Wake Up Muhlenberg: This is the Lived Experience for Students of Color

Today, flyers appeared around campus containing the experiences of students of color (sponsored by the Office of Multicultural Life) on the Muhlenberg campus. These flyers had different headings such as, "This is my lived experience," "This is a gift," and "This is a word." In addition, there is a banner posted in Parent's Plaza with the heading, "Black Students @ Berg are Tired." 

I could write an article telling you why these flyers are important. Instead, I've decided to cede this space to the words of these students. The Muhlenberg Her Campus team has compiled as many of these flyers as we could find. We will put all of them here, uncensored. If we missed any, send a picture to [email protected] and we will add them.These students need to be heard. Muhlenberg needs to listen.