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These Are the Best Hidden Study Spots at ‘Berg You Need to Be Using!

This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at Muhlenberg chapter.

As your due dates pile up and schedules become inundated with the craziness of the new semester, familiarize yourself with these hidden study spots on campus. A variety of different spots exist behind the beloved red doors of Muhlenberg, offering students many hidden gems of study spaces. When your daily library grind gets boring, try out some of these new places!


Upstairs Level of the Dining Hall

Evident to anyone who visits Muhlenberg’s campus, the dining hall is the main hub on campus where students, faculty, and staff come together over delicious food and conversation. The upstairs level provides a more relaxed vibe to those who appreciate the buzz of student life but want to escape the noise of the first floor. With spread out tables and separate glass rooms, students can easily escape the noise on the first floor. Added bonus, you can also grab a meal while you work and enjoy the cozy comforts of the dining hall while still being productive! So grab some curly fries from the Nosh, a mug of Mint Medley, your laptop, and you’re all set!


The Red Door

Located in the lower level of Seegers Union across from the ‘Berg Bookstore, the Red Door is a former cafe equipped with pool tables, booths, and couches, offering ample space for students to work. A fan favorite at Muhlenberg, the Red Door serves several functions to the campus community as an event space for student acapella shows, play festivals, and more! The relaxed, laid back atmosphere provides the perfect backdrop to study or collaborate with friends and classmates on group projects.


Shankweiler Lobby

 No lab report, no problem! The lobby of Shankweiler, one of Muhlenberg’s state-of-the-art science buildings, boasts plenty of natural light, comfortable couches, tables, and an open, airy, and quiet place where students of all disciplines can go to complete work. Throughout the building, multiple study spaces exist on all levels of the facility. Non-science majors, you’re more than welcome here, too! 


The Career Center Lab

One of ‘Berg’s best kept secrets, the Career Center provides far more than LinkedIn headshots and resume building! Open from 9 am-5 pm everyday, the Career Center offers the hidden gem of a lab for students to use. The space features white boards and tables available to any student during these hours, as long as there are no meetings taking place. 5/5 stars for location and cleanliness. 


Seegers Union Nook

The nook in the basement level of Seegers is another underrated study spot on campus! With comfy swing chairs and a convenient location next to the WEPA printers, what else could you ask for? This space is ideal for any last minute printing without having to trek all the way to the library, making it an especially appealing place for the colder months. Placed directly below the dining hall, it’s the perfect place to grab a to-go box and work effectively before or after meals.


Best of luck with your semester, Mules!


Becca Baitel

Muhlenberg '23

Becca is a junior college student studying Media/Communication and English. In her free time, you can find her playing Scrabble and Wordle, creating Spotify playlists, or curled up with a book and tea! You can connect with her on LinkedIn for more information.
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