Thank You, Next: A Break-Up Bop

Ariana Grande realized a new single this week, and fans are going crazy for it! The official YouTube video has over 11 million views already. Most breakup songs drag exes, such as Shout Out to My Ex by Little Mix. Yet, Ariana’s song changes a narrative for pop breakup songs. Arianna is an amazing pop star that doesn't hold back when it comes to her music. Thank U, Next really shows a story about love, loss, and self-love. She even name drops her exes like Mac Miller, Pete Davidson, and more. On Twitter, it has been rumored that Ariana has played the song for her exes.

Most breakup songs talk badly about an artists’ past lovers, but Arianna introduces them back in a subtle, but kind way. She even laughs and acknowledges her past relationships that take on a learning spin. She mentions her ex, Mac Miller, who tragically died of a drug overdose just this past month, as well as Pete Davidson, the SNL comedian, who she was set to marry.

Personally, I love how she used her lyrics to create an uplifting platform for breakup songs, which reiterates the idea that not all the people that artists date are bad people or cheaters. Sometimes, relationships just don't work. I believe that every broken heart led me to discover something new about myself. I wouldn't be the romantic person I am if I didn't put myself through love and heartbreak. I'm also glad that Ariana can express her true and unfiltered emotions in this song. I really like how her range is smaller in this song, as there aren't as many high notes and she truly expresses her emotions to her huge fan base.

My favorite lines from the song are:

"Spend more time with my friends I ain't worried 'bout nothin' Plus, I met someone else We havin' better discussions I know they say I move on too fast But this one gon' last 'Cause her name is Ari And I'm so good with that (So good with that)"

and of course

"Thank you, next"

All I can say is YASSSS Queen. Finally, there is a popular song about the positives of being single. There is nothing wrong for taking time for yourself or focusing on yourself and your friendships.

If you are trying to get through a breakup or your crush and you simply aren't working out, put this song on blast! This is the embodiment of a powerful, self-love song. Know that the next amazing relationship will come soon, but take some time to work on yourself. At the end of the day, you are the only one you got! Don't settle. The right person for you is out there right now. Meanwhile, my single self is going to blast this song throughout my room. Happy listening!