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Superbowl 2019 Commercials You Must Re-Watch

This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at Muhlenberg chapter.

While most of the big Super Bowl game this year didn’t spark excitement among football fans, the commercials did seem to evoke emotion. From TurboTax to Pepsi, and from Olay to Bubly, companies threw all that they could into their 30-second, $5 million dollar slots. Here are some of the best commercials from the 2019 Super Bowl.



Microsoft’s commercial this year can definitely be classified as a tear-jerker. There are usually a few touching commercials among the humorous, and this was, by far, one of the best. The company promoted its Xbox Adaptive Controller, an invention meant for literally everyone. The customizable assistive devices allow those who may have a more difficult time participating in video games with their friends to become “empowered,” because “when technology empowers each of us, it empowers all of us.”  


This commercial featured a play on the name “Michael Bublé,” starring, of course, Michael Bublé himself. The singer walks to the drink section of a convenience store where comedian Aparna Nancherla stands with a can of Bubly. The pair argues over the pronunciation of the brand name for a few minutes-even the store manager joins in. A little girl interrupts; “Can I have your autograph Mr. Bubly?”. The humor intertwined into the ad made the commercial stand out, and certainly gave a face to the name Bubly.



Serena Williams is the GOAT (in case you aren’t up-to-date on your lingo, greatest of all time). Even though the tennis star is married, her role will get you ready to re-download the app! Remember, the ball is in YOUR court, ladies!



Chance the Rapper and the Backstreet Boys paired up for the tune “I Want It That Way.” The song gets a new hip-hop twist with dancers and new verses from the rapper himself. A cloud of smoke clears to reveal the boy band back together. Just like the Doritos Flamin-Hot Nachos, this pop song just got a little hotter.



The company that somehow seems to know that Coke will always be a little bit better seemed to insinuate just that. Pepsi brought in Cardi B, Steve Carell, and Lil Jon to impress audiences. Pepsi almost recognizes that Coke is always better, prodding at the “Is Pepsi OK?” meme. The brand attempts to share this in a positive and comic light, with Cardi B shouting her famous “Okurrrr!”