Pre-Easter Feels As Told By Your Favorite Sitcoms

So close yet so far...Easter break is almost here! Whether you celebrate or not, the joy of being home or just not doing school work is something to look forward to. You may be slipping into that pre-break slump. Or maybe you’re just super pumped about Easter. Either way, we’re almost there! Just a few more grueling…boring…work-filled days. 

We know how you’re feeling. And so do your favorite sitcom characters:

Trying to get through the remainder of the week like...

The slump. We’re all falling into it. It’s getting hard to keep your eyes (or eye, or neither?) open. 

Sitting in class and remembering you have a break in only a few days

Maybe this takes place even as you’re struggling to keep your eyes open: the moment of glory. You remember that you’re almost there. So close.

When your professor assigns homework over the break and you’ve got to try and make excuses to not do it

Whether you celebrate Easter or not, homework over break is an insult. Even if it’s just a 2-4 day break. Either way, the work you’re about to do to get out of doing the homework may be more work than the actual assignment, but hey, it’s Easter!

Getting ready to walk into your house like...

Walking back into your house from college and having other people be there is like walking down the red carpet. It’s the grandest entrance anyone could ask for. Even if no one is there, that walking into your home after being gone is the best feeling.

Watching your friends leave for break before you

We all have that one friend who somehow never has anything going on and no homework and so they leave on Wednesday. How do they do it? Why are they doing it to me? Why am I insulted by it? Who knows. But either way, I’m unhappy.

Thinking about all the candy you’re going to buy and eat when you get home

Knowing the stores are going to be stock-full of candy and Peeps is a whole new sense of satisfaction. You can’t wait to drive to the grocery store with a friend, a sibling, or even just yourself. Browsing the Easter aisle, you know all of your judgements will slip away. And you will truly treat yo self. 

Knowing you’re too old for the “Easter bunny,” but hoping he’ll come anyways

At this point, unless you have a younger sibling, the Easter bunny won’t really visit you. But waking up on Easter morning, there’s always that slight hope and joy that you used to feel as a child. You know it won’t happen, but maybe, just maybe, there’ll be a basket full of candy on your table when you get to the kitchen.

Walking out of your dorm like...

And finally, the joy of hopping into a car and blasting home. Not only is it about to be Easter, but it’s about to be break, and it’s about to be a weekend full of not being at college. While college is great, there’s really nothing better than spending a holiday, or even just a simple weekend, at home with the people you love. 

Easter, here we come!