Podcasts You Should Listen To Right Now

Podcasting is the new trend, as they provide you with a different listening experience. It is another way for influencers to express their creative thoughts and endeavors in front of a large audience. From drama, lifestyle, and comedy there is always something to choose from!  All the podcasts below are available on Spotify, iTunes, and wherever else you listen from!

Thick and Thin

Image result for thick and thin podcastThis podcast is ran and produced by Katy Bellotte, who is a Youtuber and Influencer. She is currently working at L'OReal Paris as a social media coordinator. Her podcast episodes are unique because she connects real-life situations to history. It makes her audience feel less alone because famous people have gone through the same thing. She is extremely honest and raw, and she doesn’t hold back with her viewers. She is a huge inspiration to me, and I am so excited to see what she does next!


The Happy Times

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This podcast is made by Joey Kidney, a Youtuber that has over 725,000 subscribers. His podcast focuses on mental and emotional health. His podcast is so important because there needs to be a bigger discussion surrounding mental health and Joey breaks the stereotypes. If you are looking for something to listen to for a shorter amount of time, he has “Listen To This When” segments for when you need to focus, want to feel loved, feel heartbroken, or even when you feel stuck and frustrated, etc.  



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Famous Youtuber, Hannah Hart, created this podcast over a year ago with her bestie, Hannah Gelb. They are famous for their comedy in their episodes. If you need a good laugh, check them out! They talk about hard-hitting subjects like grief, performance anxiety, and perfectionism. The BFF duo is unstoppable.


A Work In Progress

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I usually write about other people’s material, but now I am going to talk about one that is close to my heart. I started my own podcast earlier this year in hopes of making others feel less alone in the world. If you are looking at for a lifestyle podcast that talks about mental health and college, you can look me up on Soundcloud at https://anchor.fm/aworkinprogress. If you have any suggestions for me on what to talk about, send me a direct message at @lynsey.stanicki on Instagram.


Happy Listening!