New and Noteworthy Products at Sephora

With the weather changing, makeup trends also seem to be changing. New products at Sephora are reflecting the excitement for the upcoming holiday season. One standout product that has a lot of great reviews and ratings is the Too Faced Gingerbread Spice eyeshadow palette, which is limited edition.

I highly recommend picking up the palette, as it features an appropriate color scheme for the fall. It also perfectly goes along with all the makeup trends occurring now featuring different shades of pinks and gold. If the colors don't sell you, then hopefully the fact that the palette smells like gingerbread does.

Another standout product for the new season is a new product in Fenty Beauty, Rihanna’s new makeup line. She has previously come out with duo highlighters, and the most recent one in the line is so blinding and gorgeous. It’s a must-have! The product is called Diamond Bomb all-over Diamond Veil, which is a white diamond shade highlighter that truly creates a blinding, yet beautiful highlight when dusted on the high points of the face.

Along with this new launch, she came out with a diamond shade of her very popular Fenty Gloss in the color Diamond Milk, which is categorized as a shimmering pearl shade. The gloss provides such a nice glowing look to the lips that makes them look full.

These are just a few standout products that have recently been released! I highly recommend checking them out if you're looking for new and exciting products to add to your makeup bag and for you to change up your routine! Happy shopping!