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Muhlenberg Students: Take Advantage of Your Philo Subscription

Last semester, I came back to my room and found an advertisement for Philo Edu, a TV service for students, hanging on my doorknob. Like most advertisements I get from Muhlenberg, I skimmed it quickly and then threw it out. I didn’t think about it again until I got back to school for the spring semester.

I am a huge fan of “The Bachelor.” The spoilers for that show are so pervasive that, if I don’t watch the new episode the same night it premieres, I can pretty much kiss the surprise goodbye. Without a TV, let alone DVR, it is pretty hard to watch shows the same night they premiere while you’re in college. This is when I remembered that advertisement I had received a few months earlier.

I logged into Philo through Muhlenberg’s login portal, honestly not expecting it to be what I needed, and I was really happily surprised. Not only can you watch live TV on Philo, but you can record all of your shows so that you don’t miss them. As long as you clean out your recordings after you watch them, it is really difficult to run out of space.


I was able to set up this, and all the other shows I watch to record automatically while I am at class or work. Then, I can watch them whenever works best for me. I was so tired of having to remember what shows were on the night before so I could find them online the next day. With Philo, I don’t have to remember anything and all of my shows are in one place. And, if I have some rare free time, I can watch some SVU re-runs when they are on live (yes, I have a lot of guilty pleasures). There are hundreds of channels available. You can use Philo on both your phone,via the app, and laptop.

As Muhlenberg students, your Philo Edu subscription is completely free and paid for by Muhlenberg. I would say that it is 100% worth taking advantage of, even if only to record one show (your tuition is paying for it after all!).

You can access Philo Edu through your OneLogin portal or at muhlenberg.philo.com.

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