More Than Clothes: Mom Jeans Are Sexy

I am someone who is always self-conscious of my body type. Getting ready to go out on the weekends was a constant struggle for me and, I imagine it is for many of you as well. I am slowly becoming more confident with my body type and am learning what kind of clothes highlight the shape of my body.

 Some people think if you really want attention, then you must show more skin. This can be in the form of a tight tank top or booty shorts. As Cher from the film Clueless once said:

"Sometimes you have to show a little skin."

As much as I love Cher-and I really love Cher-she is saying that, in order to get a guy’s attention, you have to show a lot of your skin. Is that the only way we attract men?! We have to barely wear clothing?! As If! I do not spend hours choosing the right outfit just to have people focus on the parts of me that are bare.

You might enjoy wearing less when you go out, and that is completely up to your style. However, know that this is not the only way. Sometimes showing less skin can be the sexiest look. Let’s look at a 90s trend that has come back in style. It’s called mom jeans. I’m talking about those high-waisted, baggy Levi’s that, let’s be honest, make you feel amazing. You can wear jeans that are not skin tight and feel comfortable, yet still fashionable and attractive at the same time.

What I like to do when I go out is wear high-waisted mom jeans with a bodysuit or even a long sleeve crop shirt! I truly believe these jeans actually can show off your figure more. You can use this as an opportunity to show off other elements of your style. For example, show off your eyes with eye shadow, wear funky earrings, booties, or even curl your hair. These can compliment your style and make you feel as sexy as a skimpier outfit.

Remember: feeling comfortable and confident in your own skin is the most attractive thing about a person. I’m even wearing mom jeans right now.