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More Than Clothes: Make a Statement

We all know that the makeup game is at a new level. For example, you walk into a CVS and see 100 different types of mascaras and each one is supposed to do different things to accentuate those lashes of yours. There are lip glosses that plump up your lips, various highlighters, concealers, eyelash curlers etc. There are so many products on the market to enhance our beauty. Makeup exploration is SO in right now.

Isn’t this all a bit overwhelming, though? Do we really need all of this makeup?

I think that sometimes it can get to be too much and we do not look like our natural selves. As I said in one of my previous columns, we do not need to show all of our skin to be noticed. I think that the same goes for makeup. We do not need to wear so much makeup to stand out as beautiful. I believe in enhancing our natural beauty, not stomping all over it.

Pick out your favorite color, or a color that you think looks good on you.

Now, I want you to work with just that color. For example, my favorite color is purple. So, I wear bright purple eyeshadow. This is my statement eyeshadow.

I might add a little purple liner as well (I suggest Marc Jacobs eyeliner for bright colors) and that enhances my eyes. I finish off my look with a little mascara (maybe some bronzer or lip gloss) and that’s it. That statement eyeshadow on your lids can brighten up your eyes. Use your discretion and make sure it’s not too much and not too little. Plus, statement eyeshadow with a singular color is in. No need for that smokey eye look, and taking the time to blend so many colors together. One color, and you are looking fabulous.

My name is Alison and I currently go to Muhlenberg College. I study Theatre but also have an eye for fashion. My style is a huge part of who I am. I not only express myself on stage, but express myself with the my wardrobe. Owning your own style and vibe is important. Writing for HerCampus is also a privilege for me because now I can write about fashion, give advice, and encourage my readers to own who they are with the clothes they wear. I also keep people updated on my outfits and what i wear that gets me through college! I encourage people to follow me on my instgram almaybaum_ and my Visco!
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