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More Than Clothes: It’s the Little Things

I think that people like fall because it is the easiest and comfiest of all the seasons. It’s the little things that can make us feel good through autumn. Those little things are accessories. I am talking about:

  • dark nail polish
  • dark lipsticks
  • fuzzy socks…socks under boots…high socks (I can write for years about how much I love socks)
  • tights
  • hats
  • statement scarves

You can do so much with fall and with so little! You can make bold choices or choose to go a simpler route. You can wear multiple accessories at the same time, or you can just put on a huge sweater and be done. It is all about the layers and owning your style.

You put on a big, comfy cardigan with some pants and boots, and that becomes your outfit. It is so easy. Let’s take advantage of this amazing season! There is much we can do.

If you feel like there is no point in dressing up to go sit in a classroom, take advantage of the season and go apple or pumpkin picking. That is also gives you an excuse to dress for the fall weather and theme. And, obviously the day plans did not happen if you don’t post on social media. If not for yourself, do it for the ‘gram!  

Can’t wait to see you all this fall!

My name is Alison and I currently go to Muhlenberg College. I study Theatre but also have an eye for fashion. My style is a huge part of who I am. I not only express myself on stage, but express myself with the my wardrobe. Owning your own style and vibe is important. Writing for HerCampus is also a privilege for me because now I can write about fashion, give advice, and encourage my readers to own who they are with the clothes they wear. I also keep people updated on my outfits and what i wear that gets me through college! I encourage people to follow me on my instgram almaybaum_ and my Visco!
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