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More Than Clothes: Go Shopping in Your Grandmother’s Closet

What did your mom look like in the 1970s? How about your grandmother look like in the 1940s? Looking back on those vintage pictures of your family members and taking inspiration from them can make your style more personal and also authentically vintage. In fact, these pictures could inspire your style in ways you have not even thought about before! Fashion is constantly evolving with new trends, but looking backwards can give you a really unique insight.  

Vintage looks are actually back in! This includes items such as Reebok sneakers, oversized jean jackets, plaid blazers, and high waisted mom jeans.  You might be surprised to find some valuable items, if your mom doesn’t mind you snooping through her old clothes and accessories.

This has happened for me before. For months, I had been searching for the perfect size cross-body purse for myself, but was not having any luck. I decided to ask my grandmother, who happily told me she had a vintage Louis Vuitton purse I could have! It is not only the perfect size but it is beautiful and does not look like the Louis Vuitton purses today. To top that off, it’s super cool that it once belonged to my grandmother! Why go shopping when you have vintage items sitting in the back of a closet, waiting to worn?

I have found some essential pieces to add to my wardrobe just by asking my relatives. And my grandmother loves the fact that I am wearing her old clothes.

My name is Alison and I currently go to Muhlenberg College. I study Theatre but also have an eye for fashion. My style is a huge part of who I am. I not only express myself on stage, but express myself with the my wardrobe. Owning your own style and vibe is important. Writing for HerCampus is also a privilege for me because now I can write about fashion, give advice, and encourage my readers to own who they are with the clothes they wear. I also keep people updated on my outfits and what i wear that gets me through college! I encourage people to follow me on my instgram almaybaum_ and my Visco!
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