More Than Clothes: Go With the Flow This Layering Season

If we think too much about how every little detail will work in our everyday looks, then it will take us a very very long time to get ready in the mornings. The trick is to stop overthinking our wardrobe choices. Go with the flow, and explore your closet. If you think about an outfit and plan too much ahead of time, it will end up being a let down if it doesn’t look as perfect as we imagined. Take advantage of this chilly layering season and keep your looks simple, but tasteful and chic.

I was inspired by some looks I’ve seen in my classes:

Today, my professor was wearing a dress with a long sleeve sweater over it. She paired this with leggings and boots. She not only looks comfy and warm, but her outfit was very flattering. In addition, it also looked like she just put the outfit together without thinking too much about it. She looked effortless, but class appropriate.

A student in my class was wearing a long-sleeved, white and floral turtleneck shirt underneath a light pink jean dress. You can tell the dress is more suited for summer weather. To make her outfit more suitable for winter, she put a long-sleeved shirt underneath.

Even though my professor’s outfit was way more casual than my classmate’s, both of them looked like they did not put so much thought into their layering. This made their outfits seem organic.

We do not have to look like superstars every day. Exploring your closet and seeing what physically works together is the best way to find an outfit with layering. Layering seems easy, but it takes a bit of skill and practice to do it successfully.