#MakeYourMark: Embracing Our Imperfections

Stretch marks. Let’s talk about them. They’re a huge insecurity for many people of all sizes and ages, but they shouldn’t have to be. They occur when your body begins to grow rapidly and our skin can’t keep up with it’s stretch.

According to WebMD, stretch marks are rippled, streaky lines that usually appear as red or purple, but later fade over time. Stretch marks can occur on anyone’s skin, but they are most commonly found on women. They often occur due to rapid weight gain, weight loss, pregnancy, or during puberty. It’s impossible to prevent stretch marks. However, don’t fret! Stretch marks are a natural occurrence, and it’s nothing one should be ashamed about. Instead, we should learn to embrace them. It’s important for us to practice body positivity and to learn how to love our own bodies.

Many retailers, such as Missguided, have began to include unretouched ads that promote body positivity. Missguided launched a #MAKEYOURMARK movement that is on a mission to “inspire babes all over the world over to love themselves, for themselves, to embrace [their] flaws, and to not strive for what the world perceives as perfection. Because f*uck perfection, it doesn’t exist.”

They also made a pledge that they would no longer retouch their models’ photos. A member of Missguided’s #MAKEYOURMARK movement, Felicity Hayward, reveals that “as you get older, you realise these marks are a part of you and they’re beautiful in the most amazing way.” Other companies such as ASOS, Target, and Aerie have also began to release unretouched photos of their swimwear models in order display a more realistic body portrayal and to strengthen this new notion of body positivity.

Now, if you’re worried about the way you’re going to look in those cute pair of shorts or swimsuit this summer, don’t be! Go ahead, rock it! I promise you’ll look great. All you need is confidence!