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The Madness is Back; Get Ready for the Sweet Sixteen

The first two rounds of March Madness this past weekend have been living up to their reputation. If you couldn’t watch every game, here’s a quick update.

There were many upsets, as always, but it’s hard to predict which upsets you’ll get right. A close game was when 5th seeded Auburn managed to avoid being defeated by 12th seeded New Mexico State when the final shot was missed with 1.1 seconds left on the clock. On the other side, 12th seeded Murray State pulled off a 83-64 upset of a 5th seeded Marquette, before losing in a tough battle to Florida State to advance to the Sweet Sixteen.

Some of the top-seeded teams also appear to be struggling more than expected. Duke only won by one point in the last seconds of the game to beat UCF to enter the round of sixteen. Too, UVA being a number one seed again this year came back from behind in their first-round game. It was close to being the second year in a row that a number one seed would’ve been upset by a 16th seed, which happened for the first time ever to UVA last year.

Duke, led by freshman Zion Williamson, is definitely a team to continue to look out for going into the round of sixteen. UNC is sweeping through the tournament, and I don’t think anyone would be disappointed by a UNC v Duke rematch in the championship game. 4th seeded Florida St. is also proving themselves to be in contention, as is Auburn.

The madness is far from over.

Jordyn Kamis

Muhlenberg '21