Let's Celebrate "National Pet Day"

Some animal lovers would consider April 11th the best day of the year. Why? It is "National Pet Day"! How did this wonderful celebration come about, you may ask? 

National Pet Day was founded by Colleen Paige, a pet and family lifestyle expert, in 2006. She wanted to recognize the joy our pooches bring to our lives and raise awareness about the plight and suffering of many animals that continue to be and issue today.

How can you celebrate Pet Day, even if you don’t own a pet yourself?

  1. Buy your furry friend a sweet treat-and don’t make them complete tricks beforehand!

  2. Volunteer at a local pet shelter.

  3. Donate blankets and toys to a local shelter or welfare organization.

  4. Adopt a pet from a rescue organization!

  5. Take your animal for a trip, whether it be a walk in the park, a car ride, or even just a run outside!

  6. Take some photos of your pet and post them-watch the animal-lover-compliments roll in!

National Pet Day is a time to thank our beloved family members for the happiness and loyalty they show each and every day. Animals are lovable beings that deserve our attention, from reptiles and rats, to cats and dogs!