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Leggings and Yoga “Pants”?

The controversial debate over whether leggings and yoga pants should be considered pants has been going on for far too long. Being aware that there are diverse perspectives on this controversy, I will render my official verdict on this matter.

The Fabric

Whether leggings and yoga pants are pants depends on the fabric used to make them. I am a dancer and need to wear leggings most days. I know that some of my leggings are see-through and I must wear black underwear underneath them, especially when dancing and bending-down. Most leggings and yoga pants are made from cotton, consist of thin material, and are extremely sheer. In this case, leggings and yoga pants may not be considered pants as you should not be able to visibly see what is underneath them. To test whether the material is too thin, one should try leggings and yoga pants on in good lighting and bend over to see if they are in fact sheer.

If they are indeed see-through, one should simply wear a long shirt over them. For dance or yoga, though, I recommend finding leggings that are made of a thicker fabric. If the leggings are thicker, then they are just as much pants as jeans are.

Too Revealing

Some people argue that leggings and yoga pants are too tight to be worn alone. However, wearing leggings and yoga pants is the same as wearing a tight dress or tight jeans. All tight clothing will conform to your body, not just leggings. If you do not want to show off your figure, then simply do not wear tight clothes. Usually, leggings and yoga pants are worn as they are stretchy and, therefore, comfortable.

Body Shaming and Inequality

There are people who say that if your weight is on the heavier side, then you should not wear leggings, especially not as pants. However, these individuals are simply promoting body shaming. It is perfectly acceptable for individuals of all shapes and sizes to wear leggings as pants!

Society should stop dictating who can wear what. No one has the right to criticize others for wearing leggings or yoga pants! Every individual has the right to wear comfortable clothing. Leggings and yoga pants are the epitome of comfort. Nowadays, there is an increasing number of plus-size models. These models wear leggings and yoga pants in photo shoots just as often as thin models do and they feel confident and look beautiful wearing them.

Final Verdict

As long as one’s undergarments are not showing through the leggings and yoga pants, then these bottoms are considered pants and may be worn with any type of shirt or top.

Noy Messinger

Muhlenberg '21

My name is Noy Messinger and I am a Sophomore double majoring in Media and Communications and History with a minor in dance. I am extremely passionate about dance. I have been dancing since I was two years old and was a participant in my high school’s performing arts dance program.  Additionally, I am passionate about history. I love learning about different cultures and discovering their pasts as well as information about my own heritage.  
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