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Kicking Those Rainy Day Blues

This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at Muhlenberg chapter.

When it comes to the changing weather, moods can change drastically, especially when it goes from sunny to rainy in the blink of an eye. Staying cheerful during the gloomy weather can seem like a difficult challenge. That’s what I’m here for! Lucky for you, there are a variety of ways to wipe away those feelings and put a smile back on your face. Here are some ways to combat the rainy day blues:


Since you probably will be spending a lot of time in your dorm, you can take the opportunity to be productive. You can do laundry, clean the room, make your bed, etc.

Turn the Music Up!

Listen to fun, upbeat music to get you moving and forget about the nasty weather. You can use the music as background when doing chores or homework. If you don’t want to be alone, invite some friends over and have a dance party!

A Netflix Marathon  

Have you been waiting for an excuse to be a couch-potato and put your work on the back-burner? Rainy days are perfect for having binge-watching sessions. To add to the fun, you can order pizza and snacks instead of going to the dining hall.

Go to the Movies

Want to watch a movie but don’t want to be cooped up in your dorm the whole day? Why not take your college buddies and go see a newly released movie? Make sure to buy some popcorn and candy while you’re at it!


Whether or not exercise is normally your thing, you can use a rainy day as a great chance to get your blood pumping and go for a workout. Exercise will give you more energy, thus making you happier.


Cooking/baking is a very therapeutic way to spend a rainy day. It’s easy to take ingredients you already have in your dorm or on campus and use them to create delicious treats! Cooking/baking with friends is also a good bonding activity. Licking the spoon or eating your tasty creations are always a good way to lighten the mood.   

Go for a Hike!

If you are adventurous and looking to do something unconventional, a hike in the pouring rain may strike your interest. Just be careful while you are doing so, as it is extremely slippery. I suggest hiking boots or sneakers with good traction.  

Noy Messinger

Muhlenberg '21

My name is Noy Messinger and I am a Sophomore double majoring in Media and Communications and History with a minor in dance. I am extremely passionate about dance. I have been dancing since I was two years old and was a participant in my high school’s performing arts dance program.  Additionally, I am passionate about history. I love learning about different cultures and discovering their pasts as well as information about my own heritage.  
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Ali Senal

Muhlenberg '18

Muhlenberg '18 Grad with a BA in Theatre and Jewish studies. My hobbies include sleeping, movies, and spreading vegan propaganda. Former Editor-in-Chief of Muhlenberg Her Campus.