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How to Navigate the LANTA Bus System

This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at Muhlenberg chapter.

You may have heard about the LANTA bus system in the Lehigh Valley and how, recently, stops have been added around Muhlenberg College. Not having a car on campus can make traveling around Allentown a difficult process; I know this all too well. If I wanted to go to Target or Village West, I would have to get someone to drive me, or get in an Uber. It can make you feel trapped, because it is hard to leave campus and feel a sense of independence and freedom. I heard about the LANTA bus, but because I knew nothing about it, I wasn’t using it.

I feel that many Muhlenberg Students feel the same way. However, one day, I wanted to go to get my nails done in Village West, and no one could take me. I didn’t feel like getting in an Uber, so I used the LANTA bus for the first time. I thought about how many students don’t utilize the bus, even though it is free. I swiped my ID was let on the bus. It can all be a little confusing, so I have compiled all the information you need to get around Allentown using the bus system.

The LANTA bus is replacing the Muhlenberg Cardinal Shuttle Service, and there are a few routes that stop at newly-placed bus stops around Muhlenberg. This includes two new Chew Street bus stops on Muhlenberg’s campus: Westbound in front of the walkway near the Wescoe School of Continuing Education, and Eastbound in front of the Baker Center for the Arts. There is also a stop at 22nd on Chew and Gordon. If you put in your destination to Google Maps, bus routes from those stops will appear for both Westbound and Eastbound. When I went to Village West, I used Gordon and 22nd Westbound.


213- Downtown Allentown, Trexler Park, New Vision Tilghman square 8 among others

322- Downtown Allentown, Trexler Mall, Hamilton Crossings, Movie Tavern among others.

218- Downtown Allentown and Village West

If you walk into Seegers, on the right there are brochures with other routes like 102, which goes to Dorney, Cedar Crest Shopping Center, and the Lehigh Valley Hospital. 107 goes to the PPL Center, Allentown Art Museum, and Allentown Fairgrounds. Transferring buses are also free for Muhlenberg Students and faculty. You can get real-time status on the buses by downloading myStop tracker for iPhone and Android, as well as being able to see the departure times so you know when to travel.

The buses themselves are very nice and clean, and I have never felt unsafe or uncomfortable. However, the bus will only stop if there are people there, so if your spot has no one waiting, the bus will keep going. You have to alert the bus driver that you want to get off with buttons throughout the bus. I learned this the hard way, and I missed my stop and had to find my way back to where I wanted to go originally.

With this new bus service, you can travel throughout the Lehigh Valley, Lehigh, and Northampton counties every day of the week. I know that I will definitely be using the bus service while I continue to not have a car on campus, and I encourage anyone else who doesn’t have a car to use the service as well, since you can now experience the community of Allentown and be more involved and familiar with the area, as well as have the opportunity to escape the Muhlenbubble. It will definitely be good for your health!


Hello! I am a Junior at Muhlenberg College majoring in Theatre, with a minor in English. I am from England and studying in the United States. On campus, I am a Tour Guide, Orientation Leader, member of AAA honor society and ODK leadership honor society, and a part of MTA. I am so excited to be a writer for HerCampus!
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