How to Navigate Dating Apps

In 2019, dating apps are one of the most common ways that young people find dates, partners, hookups, or even friends. With access right at your fingertips, it seems like the most convenient option for meeting new people. Before you dive in to the online dating community, here are some tips on navigating dating apps and how to stay safe and successful:


Post pictures that ACTUALLY look like you

With all the cool Snapchat filters around, I know it is tempting to add a ton of filters, but don’t overdo it. Before you know it, you could look like an entirely different person, which is deceiving to any person who sees you on the app. You definitely want to be honest about your appearance, and show your beautiful, authentic self. Upload pictures that actually look like you, including some full-body ones and some pictures where you are smiling. 


Be honest about what you want

When talking to people on dating apps, make sure to be upfront about what you are looking for. Regardless of whether you want to hook up or have something more, if both of you are being honest, you’ll avoid any miscommunication, confusion, or hurt feelings in the long run! If someone asks what you’re looking for, be honest and don’t say what you think they want to hear.   


Go on dates!

Most of the time, when you are talking to someone on a dating app, you usually don’t end up meeting. Either one or more of the people lose interest, or it just never ends up working.  Of course it’s nerve-wracking at first, but going on dates, regardless if they end up working out or not, is important because you get to meet new people and figure out what you want in a potential partner!  


Meet in a public place

It is quite common for hookups to meet at each other’s houses, but it is the most dangerous mistake you can make on a dating app. Sure, the person might seem cool and totally normal online, but you don’t truly know the person. So, for the first few dates, make sure you meet in person and give your location to a friend or family member for safety measures!


Online dating may seem nerve-wracking and scary, but with these tips, you’ll hopefully have the most successful and safe experience. Happy dating!