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Girl With Hair Blowing In The Wind Fall
Girl With Hair Blowing In The Wind Fall
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How to Enjoy the Fall During the Pandemic

This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at Muhlenberg chapter.

Fall is officially in full swing. The leaves are changing and the air is getting crisper. People are asking themselves: how can I enjoy the fall during the pandemic? There are many options. The first step is to grab your favorite fall attire: your jean jacket, sweaters, jeans, boots, sweatshirts, flannel, etc. Now that you are dressed appropriately, make sure you have your mask. 


A popular fall activity is apple and pumpkin picking.These are outdoor activities so they are perfect for socially-distanced fun. Many orchards are open right now with different systems in place to ensure everyone’s safety. Make sure to check their website or give them a call before heading over. Many locations are requiring appointments to be made in advance so they can limit the amount of people at the farm. In order to minimize contact with your fruit there are also policies where you pay in advance of picking so nobody touches your bag of apples but you. It is important to do your research beforehand to ensure that you are comfortable. If you want fresh picked apples but don’t actually want to pick them, many places have apples for you to buy in their farm store. These same policies are in place for pumpkin patches too. Keep an eye out when you go grocery shopping for the perfect pumpkin too! Take advantage of the free time in your schedule by taking a ride over to your local orchard on a weekday you don’t have class. There will most likely be less people picking during the week versus the weekends. 

Girls Pumpkins
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Don’t want to go apple or pumpkin picking but still want to enjoy some fall treats? First step is to head to your local supermarket or farmstand and purchase some apples. Turn up your favorite tunes, crack open the windows to let that fall breeze in, and you’re ready to whip up some yummy fall food. Here is a simple apple crisp recipe; it only has eight ingredients that you probably already have in your pantry. If not, they are super accessible. Of course, nothing screams fall quite like a baked apple. This simple baked apple recipe only has FIVE ingredients. If you want to bake some apples but do not have access to an oven, this recipe is adapted to be made in the microwave. These microwaved “baked” apples need only three tablespoons of sugar, a sprinkle of cinnamon, and maple syrup. You can easily just grab some sugar packets, put a little cinnamon in a to-go cup, grab a maple syrup packet from GQ, and you’re good to go! Not a fan of apples and want some pumpkin spice in your life? Here is an easy pumpkin bread recipe. Prefer not to use an oven? This pumpkin mug cake recipe is quick and filled with spices. And of course if you’re feeling adventurous there is always pie. 


If you want to enjoy the fall from the comfort of your home and are not savvy in the kitchen there are still ways to get in the spooky spirit. First pop a bowl of popcorn, grab some Halloween candy, and a blanket. Netflix and Hulu have many Halloween and horror movies to set the mood. Here’s a list of the movies on Netflix and Hulu right now. This is also the perfect opportunity to revisit your favorite TV show’s Halloween specials. A fan of witches and vampires? The month of October is the perfect excuse (not like you needed one) to rewatch The Vampire Diaries or The Originals again. Looking for something new in the same genre? Netflix has many shows for vampire lovers. If you have access to Freeform they are having their annual “31 Nights of Halloween” special schedule. This means there will be a different spooky movie to watch every night of October and MANY opportunities to watch Hocus Pocus.  

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My final suggestion is for my fellow nature lovers. The fall is one of the most beautiful times to take a hike or go on a nature walk. Hop on to Google and see what is near you. Not an avid hiker? There are locations that are wheelchair accessible with flat, easy, but still beautiful walks to take. Make sure you have your mask on hand just in case you walk past someone. Trails provide the perfect opportunity to enjoy the beautiful fall season in a more solitary fashion. They are also good for catching up with friends. So put your masks on, mind your space, and enjoy the leaves together. If there are no trails near you this is the perfect time to explore your neighborhood. I am sure we are all missing the college green and doing work near Victor’s Lament. However your backyard, local park, porch, deck, balcony, and stoop provide perfect places to get some fresh air and annotate some articles.


That concludes my suggestions for how to enjoy this unique fall season. The most important things to remember are: to only do what you are comfortable with, bring your mask, respect others, and socially distance. Before we know it will be winter!

Gabriella Petrone

Muhlenberg '21

Hello I'm Gabriella Petrone! I'm currently a senior at Muhlenberg College studying as an english major and political science minor. I'm from Fairfield, Connecticut. I'm very excited to be a writer for Her Campus Muhlenberg! I love everything about the fall from fallen leaves to jean jackets. I also love a good story so I am an avid TV and movie fan. One of my favorite activities is curling up with a good book and a hot mug of tea. I'm looking forward to the upcoming year.
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