How to Create Makeup Looks Based on Your Zodiac Sign

Makeup has always been a way for people to express themselves and a way to give inspiration to others that are looking for new ways to wear what the already own, or a great way to teach beginners. One of the newest makeup trends that have been circulating the newest blogs and has been released from Colourpop cosmetics is makeup based on zodiac signs. This new trend has been created by YouTuber, KathleenLights; she shows which colors to use based on one’s zodiac sign. A zodiac sign is connected to astrology which is a different sign dependent on when you are born. Each month have a different astrology sign.

Based on a zodiac chart that showed different colors based on one’s sign, there are many makeup looks that can be created. For example, if your sign is Scorpio according to a color wheel, the zodiac sign is green so there could be a forest green eyeshadow look and neutral lip, for a pop of color on the eyes and make the rest of the makeup look subdued so the eye look could pop. Or if colored eyeshadow is not your thing then you could do a pop of color based on your astrological sign focused on the lips and not the eyes so there you can then do a neutral eye look with a bronze shadow or other warm colors such as burnt orange; you could then finish off the look with a pop of color based off of the zodiac sign like using a red which matches to the astrological sign of Aries.

Another way a makeup look based on a zodiac sign can be created is showing the color that represents the sign by highlighting the color which corresponds with your astrological sign with using a vibrant color of blush, while the rest of the look is natural; you can also match that color blush with a similar color on the eyes, or all around do a bold makeup look for a night out focusing on specific colors that fit with the zodiac sign.

Whatever sign you are, there are many ways to incorporate the colors that look best with your sign or a color that directly correlates in helping figure out where to show the color best in your makeup look! So there are many ways to use the colors, whether that be in your blush, lips eye look, eyeliner, etc. There are no rules in makeup so it is really what one feels like creating and what makes them feel their best.