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How to Cope With Homesickness

Being homesick is a common thing to experience in college, and, more often than not, you may continue to feel this way after freshman year. You start to miss your friends, your family, and your hometown all while managing your college life. No matter how far away from home you are, being homesick can be difficult. However, you are not alone in feeling this way. It can be a challenge, but there are ways to manage this experience. 

Above anything, you should allow yourself to feel homesick and not just ignore it; acceptance and coming to terms with missing home allows you to take steps toward feeling better. You should allow yourself to be sad for a day or two, but, after that, doing things that make you happy around campus can take your mind off of missing your family. For me, getting out of my room and hanging out with my friends, or going off campus is essential. While you should take the time to call, or video chat with your family and friends from back home, sometimes constantly communicating with them can make the homesickness worse.

I can guarantee that your friends and other people on campus feel the same way when it comes to being homesick, so keeping your feelings to yourself is not always the best thing. Speaking with other people about what you miss about home can help you bond with others, and taking the initiative to reach out can also remind you of what you love about being at school. Although college may not replace the home and family you grew up around, bringing elements that you love about your home to school can be helpful. Making it a home away from home can lessen the homesickness you feel. 

I know that it can be tempting to go home as often as possible, especially if you live close to your college, but sometimes going home can make being homesick worse. I feel that the more I am at school, the less homesick I feel because I have friendships and connections that I value in college. It can be hard to adjust being at home for breaks and then coming back to school, but you do not necessarily have to separate school and home life completely. Just because you are not home does not mean you have to miss out on what’s happening there; catching up with your family and friends a few times a week can make you feel more connected to them.

The most important thing that has helped me with being homesick is having activities, clubs, or volunteer opportunities that I am passionate about. This can help with feeling homesick because you are keeping yourself busy and fulfilled.

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