Here Are Some Helpful Tips For Move-Out

The end of the school year has finally arrived! We’re ready to go home, spend time with friends and family, and to partake in some awesome adventures. But, in the meantime, moving out of our college dorm rooms haunts us. Here are a few tips to make this stressful process go a little easier:

Start packing early.

I cannot stress this one enough. Start by packing the things that you know you won’t use, then, as move-out gets closer, pack the more important stuff.

Gather a lot of boxes.

You will need big boxes to store your things in-you don’t want all of your clothes strewn all over the car! Some places around your campus may be giving away boxes, or you can go to a local supermarket/drugstore and ask for empty overstock boxes.

Eat your food, and use those meal points!

If your school has a point system for food outside the dining hall, which, most likely it does, use those points! They probably won’t roll over to the next semester. Make sure to empty food that you don’t need before leaving your dorm room-the RA won’t want rats!

Send back books and sort through school work.

If you rented books, send them back before you get fined! You also may want to sell some books if they are too much to bring home with you. Make sure the notes that you want to bring home with you are of value-will you use them in your upcoming academic life? Were the notes simply for an elective class?

Be sure to know if your hall has any instructions you must follow.

Oftentimes, before moving out for a break or for the year, you must follow a set of instructions. Clean before you leave, dust everything, don’t leave trash inside the room, and check out!

You are ready to go! Summer, begin!