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This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at Muhlenberg chapter.

With the semester in full swing, you may have forgotten that Halloween is right around the corner! If you need a last minute costume and don’t have time or money to spend, here are some fun and easy costumes that can work for just about anyone. 



A skeleton is a classic Halloween costume. It can be spooky, sexy, and creative. An idea for this look on a budget would be to wear all black and explore with some creative makeup looks. You can buy costume makeup kits off of Amazon Prime for less than $10 or you can use the makeup you already own. 

Boo from Monsters Inc. 

Boo is one of the easiest and cutest costumes to put together. The essentials for this look are an oversized pink t shirt/sweater and two pigtails. A t-shirt can be bought at A.C Moore for $3.33 and purple leggings can be found on Prime for $8. To top it off, you can use pink scrunchies to hold up your pigtails!  


A devil or an angel is another Halloween classic! So many people have done this costume and it always looks different. If you want to be a devil you can wear all black or red (or both)and complete with horns.. The same goes for angel, with all-white outfit and a halo. My favorite thing about being an angel or a devil is that you can dress it up as much or have it be as simple as you want and what you’re trying to be will still show. The only necessary purchase would be the horns or halo, which could be found for less than $7 at Party City. 

PowerPuff Girls 

Another costume that can be dressed up or down as much as you want is the PowerPuff Girls. If you and two friends want to do a costume together and don’t have time to get anything crazy, this is the perfect idea. You can find a blue, green, and pink oversized t-shirt at A.C. Moore, and  add black stripes to the center and have a complete PowerPuff Girl look. You can also just dress up sticking to the color of your PowerPuff and make it a whole other look. 

Kim Possible 

If you have cargo pants, you’re set. Pair your cargo pants or green jeans,a black crop top and combat boots and you’re Kim Possible. 


If you love glitter, this one’s for you. To be a unicorn, you can wear all white with some rainbow or pastel accessories and of course, a unicorn horn. A unicorn horn can be bought for under $10 at Party City and on Amazon. Once you have everything done, just pile on the glitter. You can find a 24 pack of glitter at A.C. Moore for $10. 

Hi, my name is Veronica Pasko and I am a sophomore at Muhlenberg College. I am studying Media and Communications and also minoring in Business Administration.
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