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The most important component of any Halloween costume is makeup. Makeup can be in the form of blood, but also can be important to any costume. Whether you’re dressing up as a vampire, clown, or alien, you will need a makeup look that matches the profile of your alter-ego for the night. Here are some makeup looks that you can adapt to best fit your costume this fall season. 


Smokey Eye

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If you’re looking for a classic Halloween costume like a witch, vampire, wolf, devil, etc, then using a classic makeup style like a smokey eye will be an easy way to elevate your halloween costume. The great thing about a smokey eye is that you can customize it however you like. A smokey eye consists of mainly two colors: a lighter shade and the darker, smokey shade. If you are looking to be a vampire, for example, you can use a red shade as your lighter shade and a black as your darker shade. The trick is to have your colors meet in the middle of your eyelid: your lighter shade starting at the inner corner and going inward and the darker shade starting at the end of your eye and moving in. Then, use the black shade to blend the two colors together. The smokey strategy is a great way to achieve a complicated-looking makeup look without having to actually put in the hard. 




Halloween is a great time to experiment and go all out with your makeup look. Utilizing lots of glitter can be a great way to quite literally shine for the holiday. This is a great tool to use because it can also be modified to fit any Halloween costume. If you don’t have glitter, you can purchase some on Amazon or any makeup store. Using loose glitter with a glue adhesive is the best way to apply the glitter safely and to the style you like. An alien costume would look great with some face, chest, and body glitter. Glitter can add a whole new layer to your costume that would not be achieved with a simple fabric. Adding these to your Halloween outfits allows you to be in control of your costume and allows you to make it as personal as you can. 

Carly Giacoio

Muhlenberg '22

Carly Giacoio is currently a junior at Muhlenberg College who originally is from northern New Jersey. She plans on graduating with an English major and Creative Writing minor. Carly also enjoys singing, composing music, and writing poetry in her free time.
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