Disability Fashion Lines Should Be Represented More Often

This past month New York Fashion Week was held, and it was a big deal for the disabled community. Big retail brands like Target, Nike, and more were featured on the runway this month featuring models who live with a disability. A fashion label, The Runway Of Dreams, was at the event. This clothing line has an important mission, which is to make clothing for disabled children and adults. The photos are heartwarming. People in every age group were rocking the runway, wearing outfits that made them look and feel their best. The clothes seemed classy yet comfortable for everyday wear.

When the news spreads of New York Fashion Week surfaced, I wish I could see more of these pictures being represented on famous magazines headlines and covers. Dominick Evans, who has a disability, said in an interview with Teen Vogue “there are about 1 billion people with disabilities worldwide and about 58 million in the United States,” he says. “We are not seeing disability represented in ways that reflect our society.” There is some change moving forward, but it still isn’t enough. Tommy Hilfiger came out with an exclusive line called Tommy Hilfiger Adaptive that has a whole line for adults and children. It is a step in the right direction for more prominent brands making clothing lines for those with a disability.

Fashion should be available to anyone. When the seasons change, everyone is out in stores searching for the latest fashion trends. Yet, for the disabled community, it is even more challenging and more expensive to do so because the person will have to alter the clothing for themselves. We can make a change in being more inclusive by supporting these kinds of shows.

Having representation in fashion is critical. If you know of a local fashion show that is inclusive of people with disabilities or hosts disabled fashion designers, go out and watch the show and spread the world about it. The more people who go to these shows, the more opportunity that these brands will have to reach millions of people. Everyone loves the clothes that they wear, so it’s time to make and change and create brands and styles that are more inclusive.