Deciding if Studying Abroad is Right for You

Studying Abroad is a great way to learn about and explore a different country. There are many programs and places to choose from. This is your guide for why you should consider studying abroad!

The Possibility To Study Outside Of The United States On Your Time

If you feel like studying abroad for only a couple weeks, you may want to lean towards doing a summer or winter program. These programs only last on average 3-5 weeks in between fall or spring semester. If you want to learn and explore for an extended period of time, there are programs lasting a full semester in the fall and or spring. There might even be programs offered at your college that are held in major cities around the United States. The most popular time that most college students go is at the end of their sophomore year or sometimes their junior year.

Different Countries To Choose

From China to London, there are thousands of different programs. If you are not sure where to start, try setting up a meeting with your college’s study abroad office. The study abroad office normally holds meetings based on each program and has a general fair. At the abroad fair, you can meet with all the colleges that are linked to your specific program and ask questions to get more information.

The Cultural Experience

When you study in another country, you have full access to immerse yourself in the culture, whether it be through the food and events that are happening there. You will be exposed to different lifestyles and traditions that you may have never experienced before. You will have the opportunity to meet students from that country, as well as other students studying there from all over the world.

Learn The Language

While you study abroad, you can execute and master your skills if you know the language. You can have first hand experience talking to people and translating what they say to others if need be. Listening to how people speak is a good way to learn more about another language because you are fully immersed in it.

Having The Freedom To Travel

If you choose to study abroad, you have the opportunity to travel to other countries outside to which you are studying at currently. If you study in London, you can take trips to Paris, Italy, and so much more! It is a fantastic way to combine traveling with education. It is also a great way to explore your surroundings on weekends or days off. Your program might even have field trips that allow you to visit different tourist attractions around your area.

It Looks Good On Your Resume

If you are thinking of applying to graduate school, this would be a great asset to your resume. You can express to future job prospects how this trip changed you personally and explain how it made an impact on your education.

You will make personal and business connections

You will meet so many people abroad! You will build so many relationships, including life-long friendships with many different people. You will also meet other professors within the same field that you are studying in. Make those connections because you never know when they will become useful in the future!

Studying Abroad is a great way to push yourself out of your comfort zone and to have the option to travel and see the world. If you want to get started, talk to your college’s study abroad office, financial aid office, and your advisor. Happy exploring!