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Recently, a floor at Clemson University collapsed at a party. This incident sent thirty or so students to the hospital with minor injuries, while only a few suffered more grave injuries. When first hearing of the incident, you may shrug it off, thinking “it could’ve been worse”. And while this is true, if you haven’t seen the video footage of the floor collapsing, here’s a link to do so. http://www.wfmz.com/news/video-watch-dozens-injured-in-floor-collapse-at-party-near-clemson/817286308

The fall doesn’t appear to be too far of a distance downwards, which explains the lack of major injuries following the collapse. But when you watch the video for the second time, or perhaps a third or fourth time, it becomes more and more frightening with each view. Hearing screams of people falling and watching people grab on to what is left of the floor in order to pull themselves up is horrifying.

And when you add alcohol into the picture, it only makes things worse. Imagine the number of people who could’ve been seriously injured if they hit their head on the ground during the fall. “If” is a very strong word in an incident like this, and fortunately, most of the “ifs” are just a probability of a worse outcome.

I look at this incident at Clemson as another example of why we, college students, need to try our hardest to ensure that we are acting safely when partying. While the collapse of the floor was a result of a poor structure and not solely because the students were jumping so much, it becomes an unpredictable situation that students need to know how to properly handle.

This incident at Clemson is just a prime example as to how unpredictable and dangerous “going out” can be.

Jordyn Kamis

Muhlenberg '21

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