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Campus Cutie: Alanna Jacobs

From being a choreographer for “Live in Color” and a campus Tour Guide to being a member of the Cardinal Key Society and helping other students as a peer tutor, is there anything this talented young woman doesn’t do? (Nope). Because of her involvement at ‘Berg, this week’s campus cutie goes to Alanna Jacobs!

Name: Alanna Jacobs

Hometown: Wyckoff, NJ

Graduation Year: 2018

Age: 19 (going on 20)

Major: Accounting and Finance Double Major

Relationship Status: Single ;)

Campus Activities: Vice President and a choreographer for “Live in Color,” Muhlenberg’s only show choir, member of MTA/MDA, campus tour guide, Cardinal Key Society member, peer tutor for Spanish and Financial Accounting, S.A.A.G


Favorite Food: Ice cream…it’s NEVER too cold for ice cream!

Favorite Color: Yellow, like the sun

Favorite TV Show: The Big Bang Theory

Favorite Person: Do all four Beatles count?

This or That

Daytime or nighttime: Nighttime

Summer or winter: Summer

Instagram or Twitter: Instagram

Salty or sweet: Depends on my mood

Coffee or tea: Coffee in the morning, tea throughout the rest of the day

Dogs or cats: Dogs, for sure! (I have three)

Books or movies: Movies

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