Bump, Set, Spike! Go Mules!

On Saturday, September 17, I watched Muhlenberg’s volleyball team take on Kean University.  I am a senior here at ‘Berg and during the past three years I haven’t made the trip to watch many volleyball games, and man, was that a mistake! The Blue Cougars were no match for the Mules. Soccer is fun to watch and so is basketball, but nothing beats the pace and energy of volleyball. The chemistry of the girls on the court was so powerful- I thought my gym volleyball team in high school was good, but these players know how to place the ball in the right places!

At first, I didn’t know many rules of volleyball, but I was able to catch on quickly. I remembered some rules from gym volleyball in high school, which got me to thinking about those great times and how much I loved co-ed volleyball with my classmates. It was so intense and competitive that everyone was still sweating while walking to their next classes. I couldn’t stop smiling watching this game, not only because it was really enjoyable but also because it took me back to simpler times four years ago when I wasn’t yet an adult.

Within five minutes of the Muhlenberg game I was following along with the crowd, from cheering with the parents to complaining to the refs. Even though we are such a small school, the atmosphere of the fans was impressive and energetic and I felt like part of a community. Friends with or strangers to the girls on the team, we’re all rooting for the same mule.

I love that volleyball is fast paced, which always kept the players and fans on their toes. I was nervous during the last few minutes of the game when the scores were close, but I had a feeling the mules would take over, and we did. You can definitely count on me being at the next game, and I hope to see you there too!

Watch below to see the game point!

Bump, Set, Spike! Go Mules!