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Millennials have been rapidly hopping on the “Free The Nipple” movement. Not only are bras incredibly uncomfortable, they’re also irrationally expensive. If you haven’t already considered ditching the bra for something more comfortable like a thin lace bralette, or completely going bra free, now’s the time!

Here are some reasons to leave the bra at home:

  • Boob sweat is a real thing and it gets trapped all day when you wear a bra.

  • You won’t have weird pressure lines when you take your bra off at night.   

  • Adjusting bra straps constantly is probably the most annoying thing ever.  

  • Bras can honestly get gross. When’s the last time you actually washed your favorite bra?

  • You’ll feel more confident and free. Trust me on this one.

  • It’s extremely empowering.

The “Free The Nipple” Campaign initially began to create change in how the world views equality, empowerment, and freedom for all humans; especially women. The campaign stands by the statement that all human beings are created equal.

While going braless is the more comfortable option, it’s important not to forget what you are standing for when you decide to ditch the bra.

For me, this campaign gave me the confidence to go braless. The braless community is continuously growing, filled with empowered women taking control of their own lives. It brings me joy and pride that there are so many people that stand with this movement. It’s more than just being comfortable, it’s about feeling comfortable in your own skin.

This is the era of change. Take a stand. Join the movement.




Ella Bruck

Muhlenberg '21

Hi I'm Ella! I'm a sophomore at Muhlenberg College and a Media & Communications and Anthropology double major. I'm the Managing Editor and event coordinator for Her Campus at Muhlenberg. Some things about me: I love working out, travelling, and eating food (especially sushi)! 
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