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Black Friday is Just Around the Corner

If you’re like me and Thanksgiving is your absolute favorite holiday, this one’s for you! While the actual day of Thanksgiving is great, the festivities don’t stop there.

I’m talking about Black Friday.

Black Friday starts on Friday, November 24 and you better prepare yourselves. Whether you’ve gone shopping before or this is your first time, you need to be prepared for the unimaginable.

Here are some tips you will need if you plan on going Black Friday shopping next week:

  1. Make a list ahead of time. You need to get to the mall with a plan of what stores you want to hit. It will not only save you time, but it will spare you from unnecessary chaos.

  2. Research before the big day. Find out what stores are having deals that you’re interested in and write it down.

  3. Compare prices between stores. You’ll be most efficient with your time if you look at prices online before Black Friday, rather than driving back and forth between stores.

  4. Get there ASAP. The sooner you get to the stores, the sooner you can leave. Getting there earlier will save you from the later crowd chaos.

  5. Spend as little time as possible at each store. There’s no reason to pace around a store for an hour. Scan the store when you first walk in, look for the deals, and pay.

  6. Set a budget for what you are willing to spend while shopping. Don’t even think about exceeding that budget, otherwise you will be broke and miserable.

  7. Use cash. This will conserve time at the register and it’s one less thing to worry about carrying around.

If facing the real life Hunger Games isn’t your preferred choice, don’t forget about Cyber Monday. Cyber Monday is my preferred route for shopping this holiday season. Not only do I avoid frantic shoppers running around with no mercy, I find it to be more organized. You can shop at your own leisurely pace and don’t need to deal with the stress of fighting over the last pair of shoes.

Remember to stay safe this holiday. Enjoy spending time with your family and don’t forget to shop ‘til you drop.


Ella Bruck

Muhlenberg '21

Hi I'm Ella! I'm a sophomore at Muhlenberg College and a Media & Communications and Anthropology double major. I'm the Managing Editor and event coordinator for Her Campus at Muhlenberg. Some things about me: I love working out, travelling, and eating food (especially sushi)! 
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