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The Muhlenberg community definitely has a reputation for being very studious and focused on academics. The library is almost always full of students working on group projects, meeting with tutors, or just studying individually. Libraries are the go-to study spots at most schools. Luckily, Muhlenberg students have found other quiet places to spend their time. Here are 10 study spots spread across campus that are open to everyone:

Java Joes/GQ/Light Lounge

These tend to also be popular spots for studying, but the chatter is usually pretty quiet (unless it’s a weekend night!). During the day, you can grab a bite to eat from Mule Express or General Quarters, or a nice drink for Java Joes to keep you alert!

LC Commons

LC Commons, a big room on the first floor of Ettinger, is equipped with nice technology, comfy chairs, and a projector. Though this room is only open for certain hours, students can find time to relax here during the school day, to study before and upcoming quiz, or to work on a group project at one of the many study tables.

Common Rooms

Each dormitory has a common room that, sometimes, has a printer and tables to do work. These are often times quiet and empty, so you can focus if you’re up late studying, don’t want to leave your building, and your roommate needs to sleep!

Hillel/Newman Center

Many students who do not identify with Christianity or Judaism believe that these areas are not open to them, but they are! Going to these houses is a great way to make friends, or to find a space with free food, cozy couches, and air conditioning in the summer. Check them out!

Conference Rooms in Seegers Union

There are quite a few conference rooms spread across SU, one downstairs and a few upstairs. The downstairs conference room has printers right outside and a flat screen to project slides, papers, etc. These study times are sometimes reserved for groups and clubs, but often times, you can get a group together and work in a quiet area!

Classrooms in Trumbower/New Science

Personally, these rooms are some of my favorite places to complete hours of homework in. If you are in a classroom environment while studying for a quiz, studies actually show that you will perform better! You can write out math problems on chalk or white boards, again, pull up slide shows, and more!

Dining Hall

Our dining hall is huge and, when it’s not busy during the lunch and dinner rushes, it is an awesome place to focus. You can even grab whatever food you want while you study!

Rare Books Room, Trexler Library

This hidden gem is perfect for those who really can’t focus around people. It is in a hidden room on the B-level of the library next to the computer lab-try it out! It’s also really cold during the summer!

Freshman Quad

Yes, this is mostly for freshman or those upperclassmen who live in the freshman quad, but this is a great place to study when it’s warm outside. You can get a fresh breath of air, socialize with people walking by, and do homework all at the same time!

Reading Center in New Science

No, this is not a classroom, but it is like a small library in the science building! It is always quiet and a wonderful place to study if you are in between science courses.

Muhlenberg’s hidden study rooms will come in handy to any student looking to spend their time focused on their work. The library is not the only option!

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