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The Best Places to Take Artsy Photos on Muhlenberg’s Campus

Muhlenberg College is located on a gorgeous campus with some of the most beautiful spots to take pictures. Some of the best times to take artsy pics are during the winter, when there is a thin coating of snow across the campus, and during the spring, when the trees are filled with blooming flowers.

Here are some of the stunning places to take artsy pictures on campus:

Baker Center for the Arts

Photo Courtesy of Muhlenberg College

This building is one of the most artsy places on campus, as it features a 220-foot, glass-covered galleria, known as the Fishbowl. The scenic view from outside those glass walls is magnificent and therefore, the fishbowl is an excellent location to take pictures. Moreover, as the Center for the Arts is located across from most of the other campus sights, especially the front lawn, there is a great view from any level of the fishbowl.

Victor’s Lament

Photo Courtesy of Erin Pachter Photography

Victor’s Lament is a charming, unique and abstract sculpture, which makes a great location for taking artsy pictures. Built by expressionist Mark di Suvero in 1969, it is among the most famous sites at Muhlenberg. The sculpture is built from red steel beams and an intricate pulley system. Nowadays, Victor’s Lament is recognized as a landmark of the Lehigh Valley Region as well as a twentieth-century American emblem. Victor’s Lament is located on the front lawn, a place where many students, faculty and even community members take striking pictures. Students also enjoy relaxing or studying on the green grass under the statue.

Egner Memorial Chapel 

Photo courtesy of Ethan Ruoff

The chapel is a picturesque location to capture on camera. The construction of the chapel began in October of 1929, and it was dedicated to Gideon F. Egner on January 1st of 1931. It plays a major role in campus life, such as holding religious services and choir performances. After its renovation in 2011, including the restoration of its roof and interior granite, the building has a more majestic feel, though already having lovely stain-glassed windows, carved stone and dark oak wood, and copper and slate roof.

Haas Bell Tower 

Photo courtesy of Ethan Ruoff

The Haas Bell Tower is an iconic building on Muhlenberg’s campus, ideal for picture-taking. The tower had been under construction for the past year. However, now that it is fully restored, it is especially eye-catching. The tower is tall, grand and can be spotted anywhere on campus.

Noy Messinger

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My name is Noy Messinger and I am a Sophomore double majoring in Media and Communications and History with a minor in dance. I am extremely passionate about dance. I have been dancing since I was two years old and was a participant in my high school’s performing arts dance program.  Additionally, I am passionate about history. I love learning about different cultures and discovering their pasts as well as information about my own heritage.  
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