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Being Vegetarian On Campus: It’s Not That Hard

I’m going to tell you a secret… are you ready?

Being vegetarian on campus isn’t that hard. In fact, it’s pretty easy most of the time.

Surprised? So was I when I was a freshman…

But after 10 years of being vegetarian, 4 of those being on this college campus, I’m here to tell you fellow veg-heads that it is possible to be 100% vegetarian during your time here, no need to stress.

Here are some tips and tricks to finding the best vegetarian options here, whether you’re new to the veg-head lifestyle, or you’re an old pro at the no-meat game:

Salad is your new best friend.

Whether it’s the salad bar/station in the CR or the Cyclone Salads in GQ, you’ll always have at least one vegetarian option there. Plus, you can customize your salad to have anything you want in it. Which is pretty awesome, especially if most of the other options that day are meat based. Be sure to add some sort of protein, like tofu or chickpeas!

Vegetarian or Vegan meals in the Dining Hall

Check for the little red or green boxes next to the name of the dish if you’re not sure if you can eat it. (Meatless Mondays/Nachos are my personal favorite CR days). Some meals may even have a vegetarian option (example: Chili Cheese Fries with Vegetarian Chili).


Both Noshery North and South have vegetarian options, some of which are there all the time (i.e., falafel). And yes, you can eat there even if you’re not Jewish.

If there’s a chance to make a meal vegetarian, take it.

I’m talking about customizing your sandwich at the Deli or in GQ, adding in extra vegetables to your pasta, or mixing and matching the stations so your plate is exactly what you want it to be. The limits are pretty much endless for what you can create, so go for it!

Note: If you live in a house, or have a kitchen available to you, make the most of it too! Make your own vegetarian dishes (like soups or vegetarian lasagna). Go wild, what you make (and eat) is completely up to you!

Being vegetarian on campus doesn’t seem to hard now, does it? So with these tips & tricks in mind, take a deep breath and get ready to eat your little vegetarian heart out. I’ll see you at the salad bar.




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