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Advice for Incoming Freshman

Welcome to college! Starting the school year in a new environment can be full of surprises. Here are a few tips that are essential for having a fun and successful year:

1. Join clubs

In college, there are various clubs that one can join depending on your interests and beliefs. The activities fair is a great time to explore and see which clubs you might want to join! Attend the interest meetings and if they don’t interest you, don’t sweat it! It never hurts to try something new. Don’t see a club you’re interested in? Start it!

2. Don’t forget to call your parents

Trust me, I get that college can be so hectic, but don’t forget to call your parents to check in with them. Believe it or not, they want to hear about your day and the exciting things you’re doing at school! It’s not uncommon to feel super homesick, especially the first few weeks of college. There’s nothing wrong with letting your parents know that you’re having a tough time.

3. Don’t worry about dating

As everyone starts moving in and getting to know each other, you might begin to develop a few crushes on people, but try not to get distracted! You have the rest of your life to get into a relationship. Focus on prioritizing other things, such as building friendships and establishing a healthy, daily routine. Remember, freshman year is the time to explore your options and find yourself before you settle down!

4. Study, Study, Study

In high school, you might have been able to get away with not studying, but in college, it is CRUCIAL for success! For instance, in some classes, your final grade may only depend on two exams, so you can’t just wing it. Your grades in college honestly matter, so it’s important to take your courses seriously!

5. Build relationships with your professors

This is super important. Your professors are there to help you succeed, and if you choose to build a relationship with them, they could possibly open doors for you that you didn’t even know existed! Whether it be a possible research opportunity or internship; building connections are essential!

6. Don’t worry about finding your forever friends during the first few months

You might feel a lot of pressure to find all your close friends within the first few weeks or even months of college. Good things take time. During the first few weeks, you will be talking to all different kinds of people, so you might have a hard time differentiating between acquaintances and friends. But, just wait it out. I promise you will find your true friends!

7. Learn to balance school and fun

Of course, you want to have fun in college, but don’t forget the real reason as to why you’re at school: to get a degree! At times, it may be difficult to stay motivated, but always remember the end goal. Build a schedule for yourself that allows you to complete your schoolwork, but also gives you free time! The earlier you do it, the easier it will be to get adjusted.

Good luck on your journey through freshman year!


Emily Garber

Muhlenberg '21

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