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4 Inspiring Female Instagrams You Need to Follow

This month, we are focusing our attention on some inspiring ladies! Here are 4 inspiring women you need to follow on Instagram: 

@charity.grace – follower count 450K

Charity Grace LeBlanc is a mother of two, a yogi, a ninja, and mermaid enthusiast. Her daily posts are encouraging for female athletes because she proves it’s sexy to be muscular. She incorporates adorable yoga videos with her two kids for a little pick me up throughout the day. One of the reasons I follow Charity is because she isn’t afraid to post videos of her messing up on a ninja course or talking about her weaknesses. Charity is all about sharing her yoga and ninja journey with her followers, making her down to earth and relatable. She’s a lady boss and serious goals.

@doriel_fit – follower count 101K

Doriel Rozanes is pure fitspo with a fun personality. This local NJ/NYC based fitness guru is Israeli and is one of the most sensible and down to earth “influencers” I follow. She makes a point to communicate with her followers and is all about encouraging everyone around her. Doriel even hosts group classes to get female athletes together to have a kick-ass empowering workout. While Doriel posts photos videos of her current physique, she makes sure to frequently talk about her mental and physical fitness journey to make herself more relatable to her followers. A lot of her Instagram captions are motivating and inspiring. She often has Q&A Instagram Live videos in order to stay connected with her strong following. 

@mynameisjessamyn – follower count 363K

Jessamyn Stanley’s account is the body positivity we all need. Jessamyn prides herself on defying the typical “yoga body” to prove to the world that there is not a one size fits all when it comes to sports and exercise. Not only are her photos empowering to all different types of females, but her captions are empowering and preach self love (AKA the best kind of love). Aside from posting powerful photos on her Instagram page, Jessamyn tours globally and gives seminars on the topic of body positivity and confidence when it comes to yoga. On top of that she has her very own podcast all about yoga, her journey, and body positivity, which I highly recommend you listen to. Overall, Jessamyn is one of the most inspiring and well-rounded people I follow. While her personal journey certainly wasn’t easy, the work she does now to spread the message of body acceptance is quite amazing.

@bethanyhamilton – follower count 1.6M

If you haven’t heard of Bethany Hamilton, she is a professional surfer who survived a shark attack in 2003, where her left arm was bitten off. Bethany to this day has remained a huge inspiration to female surfers and other females across the world. I’m personally very inspired by Bethany and her social media presence because she remains humble and strong, even despite her traumatic attack. Bethany is currently expecting her second child and her family photos are goals. Bethany embodies the Hawaiian princess vibe and her active lifestyle is a reminder for us all to never give up our passion, no matter the hardships we encounter.


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